Our Process

SkelScaff is a business dedicated to providing you with safe scaffolding solutions in most reliable and efficient way possible. We believe we can make height safety simple and increase the efficiency of your trades that utilize our products.

Our story

We were as sick of being employed by inefficient and unreliable scaffolding companies as you are with using them– so we did something about it. We created our own business – SkelScaff. We documented everything we disliked about our current employers and took an oath ‘Let’s not be anything like them’

We created in house workforce planning systems, quoting systems, file sharing systems, mobile applications… the list goes on. Just so we weren’t anything like our competitors, and now we are SkelScaff. Reliable and efficient.

We invested in scaffolding equipment, expanded our storage facility and increased the size of our workforce. We created a community, SkelScaff. Our culture is phenomenal, never in my career have we worked with such a fantastic bunch of men and women. They are the true reason for our success. They believe in the company and we trust in each other.

our Vision

Our vision is to re-establish the
reputation of scaffolders as reliable
and innovative.

our Mission

To provide safe, reliable scaffolding
solutions with the innovative use of
technology and training.