Guide to Scaffolding Types and Uses

Guide to Scaffolding Types and Uses

Hung Scaffold

A hanging or hung scaffold is an independent scaffold that hangs from a separate structure but is incapable of being lowered or raised when in use.

You should consider implementing the control measures below for a hung scaffold:

  • The scaffolding plan must provide information about the check couplers position.
  • A competent person should design the hanging scaffold and verification should be obtained that the structure used for supporting the hanging scaffold can bear the design load.
  • If a cantilevered suspension rig is to be used, information should be provided showing how to build and secure the rig.
  • Standards on hanging scaffolds must be spliced or bolted with rated spigot connections according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Each vertical hanging tube should have check couplers at suspension points as well as beneath the platform or according to the specifications of the manufacturer.

Single Pole Scaffold

Single Pole Scaffolds consist of just one row of standards that are connected by ledgers. Putlogs are then fixed to the ledges and built into the structures or building wall.

This type of scaffold depends on the structure against which it is placed for support. It is important to ensure that none of the components of the single pole scaffold are removed before dismantling.

Suspended (Swing Stage) Scaffold

Suspended scaffold is that which incorporates a suspended platform that can be lowered or raised when in use. A swing-stage scaffold is an excellent example of a suspended scaffold.

Additional information is in the guide to suspended scaffolds.

Mobile and Tower Scaffolds

A scaffold tower is an independent scaffold that comprises of 4 vertical standards connected transversely and longitudinally or 2 frames in plan connected transversely thus creating a one-bay scaffold.

A mobile scaffold is a tower scaffold that’s mounted on wheels. Additional information can be found in the

Information Sheet: Tower and Mobile Scaffolds.

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