Ultimate Guide To Scaffolds and Scaffolding

Ultimate Guide To Scaffolds and Scaffolding

The following guide provides information on specific types of scaffolding and scaffolds as well as practical examples of how to control some of the risks associated with using these items.

This article is part of a series of guidance materials and should ideally be read and used together with the general guide for scaffolding work and scaffolds.

This includes risk management information as well as advice on erecting, planning, dismantling, altering, and working with scaffolds along with the following:

  1. Guide to scaffold maintenance and inspection
  2. Guide to swing stage (suspended) scaffolds
  3. Informational Sheet: Mobile and Tower scaffolds

Additional information for scaffolding work close to overhead electrical lines can be found in the Information Sheet: Scaffolding work near overhead electric lines.

Besides the measures for controlling risk that is listed in this guide, the Scaffold Inspection Checklist provided in the guide to scaffold maintenance and inspection may be adapted to more accurately match the needs of your business along with the specific scaffolds being used.

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