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Hire the Right Scaffolding Contractor in 3 Easy Steps

Your project may require a scaffolding system for work 3m or above – this is a national work safety requirement.

Therefore, your selection must revolve around established and licensed contractors with a proven track record for safety in all aspects of their work.

Scaffolding Contractor

Scaffolds are essential in all type of construction service; from Standard scaffolding systems to Mobile, as well as Kwikstage, Alloy and Swing Stage. There is a different scaffolding solution for every project.

Todays scaffolding industry offers a wide selection of contractors. This leads to a question of priorities when choosing the right one for your task!

1. Safety First

Your first concern should be the provision of a safe working environment by a contractor, as well as for the job to be completed successfully and on time.

Therefore you must ensure the scaffolding contractor operates to the Australian and New Zealand Scaffolding Standard (AS/NZS). These standards guarantee the contractor provides the safest working platform and edge protection.

Scaffolding Safety Signs

Your initial approach should include research dedicated to finding at least three potential and established contractors and a request for them to assess the job in terms of what they are able to offer.

Scaffolding Setup Schedule

A reputable and reliable scaffolding company will provide a detailed quotation and without hesitation answer all your questions.

The scaffolding quote should incorporate important factors of construction, as well as costs, materials, labour and time-frame.

A key indicator of a contractor’s experience and ability can be gained from the quality of their quote.

It is essential that scaffolding contractors hold current tickets and consistently maintain Australian and New Zealand Scaffolding Standards (AS/NZS).

2. Take the direct route

Direct and personal references are one of the best means of assessing the trustworthiness of a contractor.

Architectural PlanningBy using references from trusted industry sources, you are eliminating the potential risk of an unknown scaffolding contractor who may have unsafe working practices.

References given by other builders/contractors will ensure that the scaffolding contractor has been used in the past and provided a safe working environment, successful completion of the job with on time results.

Builders/Contractors will not refer an unsafe and unreliable scaffolding contractor.

Therefore referrals ensure guaranteed results.

Produced from steel tubing, scaffolds are a foundation for many building and construction sites.

Accident at construction site

Establishing references related to structures similar to your project should be an integral part of your research, especially for long-term contracts. Your project may require the scaffolding system to remain fixed for a week, a month or even a year.

Therefore it’s essential to have a reputable and qualified scaffolding contractor who can maintain the scaffolding system for the duration of the project, regardless of any weather or other potential hazards.

3. Keep your requirements in perspective

When hiring a scaffolding contractor you should focus on choosing a reputable company who will provide you with a problem-free, safe work environment and cost-effective job.

Scaffolding Construction Setup

With some dedicated research, you can eliminate guesswork and make an informed decision based on practical references and proven experience.

However, you must consider the following aspects of your project:

Does the Scaffolding Contractor have the manpower to complete your project?

Is the Scaffolding Contractor up to date with the necessary tickets, licenses and comply with the AS/NZS Scaffolding Standards?

Are they able to provide an efficient Scaffolding Hire System for your project?

From quotation to erection, through to dismantling, can the Scaffolding Hire Contractor comply with your project timelines?


Will the Scaffolding Contractor be able to maintain the Scaffolding System effectively throughout the stages of the project to include call out fees and scaffolding system modification?

By keeping your requirements in perspective when deciding on a scaffolding hire contractor, you will ensure you find a reliable, reputable contractor who will fulfill your project needs.

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