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Why Hiring is Smarter Than Buying a Scaffolding System

However, a time may come when a company will realise that investing in a scaffolding system is far more cost-effective than renting it.

So when planning a scaffolding solution for your project, two important issues must be addressed:

  • The time period over which the facility will be needed and the degree of versatility required
  • Whether the equipment will be utilised sufficiently during its lifespan to recover any capital outlay

Balancing Tightrope

Weighing these decisions is like balancing on a tightrope. It involves a careful consideration of the pros and cons.

Generally, if the cost of hiring equipment is the same or significantly more than owning it, the decision would probably be to buy it, thereby saving on the incremental cost.

However, for most scaffolding applications, hiring would be much cheaper, more practical and more efficient than buying. Here are three reasons why.


1. Safety and investment


When utilising scaffolding on a job, great emphasis is placed on issues related to safety – an excellent reason for hiring only an established and qualified contractor.

Construction Group

Many construction companies have identified the benefits of hiring as opposed to buying a scaffolding system.

A direct investment involves accepting ownership and the responsibility of ensuring the equipment is maintained in good and safe working condition. Which for many major construction companies can be a costly liability.

Scaffolding Deck Platform

Accordingly, the construction industry requires reliable scaffold hire services. They provide various advantages, from delivering the required materials direct to the worksite, to erecting, maintaining the safety of the scaffolds and dismantling.

Instead of the construction company bearing complete responsibility for a scaffolding application, this burden is transferred to the scaffolding contractor, with safety and security as their first priority on any construction site. Scaffolding contractors are legally obliged to observe stringent guidelines that have been established, known as the Australian New Zealand Scaffolding Standard (AS/NZS).

With scaffolding is viewed as an integral part of any construction activity and is essential in creating a safe working environment. Well-maintained scaffolding can reduce the risk associated with falls and injuries sustained by onsite workers.


2. Time and mobility


The experience of scaffolding providers reduces the need for a construction company to have fully qualified and licensed scaffolding employees on their role. As scaffolding systems can only be erected, maintained and dismantled by scaffolding experts. Additionally, a scaffolding hire contractor brings a wealth of experience from working across a vast array of various residential and commercial projects.

Scaffolding Tower Setup

Hiring a scaffolding service provider is particularly beneficial to time-constrained industrial or construction projects.

With the service provider being responsible for the setup, the workforce can devote their full attention to completing all work on schedule, without worrying about scaffolding issues.

A sturdy scaffolding system not only provides adequate access to the work area but also complies with relevant Work Healthy and Safety (WHS) guidelines and Australian and New Zealand Scaffolding Standards (AS/NZS).

If your applications for using a scaffold are minimal, then the cost of buying your own equipment will be prohibitive. Likewise, if your scaffolding requirements differ with every work project, which is often the case then investing in a system could have limited uses. It may also involve further costs for additional scaffolding components required each time the construction project changes.

On the other hand hiring a scaffold allows you to meet the determined needs of a particular job. It is not only highly cost-effective but also extremely efficient, reduces labour costs and professionally convenient for all concerned parties.

Scaffold Structure Setup

Due to its modular design, a scaffold can be constructed to suit any structural demands or points that are usually difficult to access. A reputable scaffolding contractor needs to have the experience and qualifications to forward-plan the requirements for a specific job or tasks.

In addition, the scaffolding must meet all required standards for enabling workers and materials to be supported.


3. Experience and support


Your practical experience or expertise is crucial to your entire operation; similarly with a scaffolding service, the same degree of experience and concern is applied to each application, whether it involves standard, suspended or mobile scaffolding.

Construction Safety Issue

As with other construction safety issues, they are best left in the hands of experts.

At the same time, the financial implications of investing capital in a scaffolding system should be very carefully considered. However, in most cases, it cannot be justified when compared to hiring a scaffolding company!

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