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Poor Scaffolding Consequences

When people work on a construction site or building with scaffolding, there is a risk factor involved, and needs to be addressed with management of the site. It’s important that scaffolding is properly erected and safe enough to carry loads and people. But what happens if the scaffold is not strong enough to carry the weight? Here, we identify the consequences and issues that may arise if scaffolding is not erected correctly, and we also identify the things to avoid in the process.

Consequences of inadequate scaffolding

Poor scaffolding can lead to serious injuries. Some of the accidents that can happen due to weak scaffolding are:

#1 If the scaffold collapses and your work platform is on a high level, your fall from the height can cause you medium to severe injuries. These injuries are often permanent.

#2 If the scaffolding falls, it not only injures the workers but another present on the site at the time of the accident.

#3 If the scaffolding is not erected properly, it can even fall in the scenarios like heavy storms, adverse weather conditions, hailstorms and rain, resulting in severe injuries to the nearby crowd.

#4 Sudden fall of worker tools made of heavy metal and roofing materials can strike people near or below the scaffolding and injure them badly.

The consequences that follow accidents due to poor scaffolding includes temporary or permanent spinal injuries, head injuries, broken muscles, broken bones, cracked ribs, neck injuries, lung puncture, limb loss and even death.

When can a claim be submitted?

If you have met with an accident during your work and the reason is a mismanaged scaffolding installation, the responsibility falls on the team who erected the scaffolding. Therefore accidents need to be reported immediately to prevent further injury.

Although most injury claims are reasonably taken care of and can be resolved with quickly on site, more serious injuries need to be taken further and a claim needs to be submitted. It is best to report  the Safety Manager on Site who will submit an incident report for a claim.

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