Scaffolding Services in South Coast, Nowra and Ulladulla

The Most Advanced Scaffolding Solutions in the South Coast, Nowra and Ulladulla

SkelScaff are the scaffolding experts in Nowra and we offer a complete and end-to-end scaffolding service.

Ske Scaff are the leading scaffolding company in the Nowra who are a team of experienced scaffolders, labourers, supervisors and project managers for residential, commercial and industrial projects.

We are the leaders of providing our clients with cost effective, efficient and safe scaffolding solutions in Nowra.

We provide a secure scaffolding system for all construction sites and repairs in Nowra for both commercial and residential projects.  We service all clients, no matter how big or small, from large constructions such as shopping centres of office buildings. We strive to cut down on your workload so we can help you finish the job quickly, efficiently and safely.


With experts who have years of experience in the industry on jobs both big and small we are pleased to aid you in making the most informed and most suited choice to choose the right scaffolding solution. At SkelScaff, we will provide a cost effective service for any request. Our team of qualified and experienced scaffolders can not only design, but deliver, erect and dismantle the scaffolding system on site. Whether you are a large building company or a home home repairs, we have the experience and expertise to assist you.

Our professional scaffolding service in Nowra is unmatched by that of our competitors that is carried out by a reliable team at competitive prices. SkelScaff will cater to a job of any size, whether it is a small scale residential project or a large industrial site. We offer both light and heavy duty scaffolding services depending on the requirements of your job.

Our team have years of experience and knowledge in the building and scaffolding industry in the manufacturing and dismantling of scaffolding permits us to deliver our clients a complete scaffolding system solution that is paired with the highest safety standards and reliability.

With expertise in the scaffolding industry, the expert design team with SkelScaff can develop both standard and complex scaffolding systems that meet Australian building codes, regulations and requirements.

At Skel Scaff, we offer the highest quality scaffolding services, that include:
– Scaffolding for construction of commercial or residential projects.
– Scaffolding for property maintenance.
– Roofing and re-roofing services.
– Temporary roofs.
– Labour hire for your next scaffolding project.
– Safety and rectification inspection specialists.
– Scaffold hire.
– Specialist complex scaffolding.
– Bespoke projects.

As the scaffolding experts in Nowra, we offer a hassle-free service where we will come to your construction site and set up and install the highest quality and secure scaffolding system to your construction. We then promptly and efficiently remove the scaffolding once you are finished with it where we allow you to continue with the rest of your construction or renovation and minimise any inconvenience and time lost for your business.

Our knowledgeable team will provide a complete scaffolding management plan for any project. We will handle all of the requirements needed to proficiently ensure that the final product is not only delivered in a timely manner, but is safe and reliable.

Customer service, experience and satisfaction is a top priority with SkelScaff. We closely monitor and supervise each and every project that we undertake by our team leaders. We oversee every project from beginning to end to ensure that all safety standards are met. We consistently provide quality craftsmanship and an efficient final project that exceed expectations and safety standards. What sets us apart is our focus is on safety, design, delivery and time management.

Safety is the number one priority at SkelScaff. All of the projects and constructions that are undertaken by our scaffolding team are supervised in the erection and dismantling of the scaffolding system, no matter how small or large.

The professional in-house team of qualified scaffolders at Skel Scaff are access experts are devoted to boosting your productivity that allows for you to reduce the costs of your overall project and improves the safety of your work environment.  

Through our commitment to providing our clients with the leading site solutions for Nowra, we use the most technologically advanced and reliable scaffolding systems in Australia. With our range of high turnstile light weight steel components, we are well equipped to supply the most effectively priced solution for any scaffolding project.

Not only do we construct great scaffoldings, but we provide excellent customer service that cannot be matched by our competitors. Our clients can trust that we will deliver a 100% satisfaction service in Nowra.

SkelScaff bring Nowra experienced industry professionals to your next project. Along with these expertise and industry knowledge, you can be assured that you have a scaffold that is not only reliable, but is safe and provides you with the best quality results.

Contact us today to see how SkelScaff can build a secure scaffolding system for your next construction project in Nowra!

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